Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Rosalind's Kitchen

 I found Rosalind's Kitchen on Twitter, and they must have liked my Tweets because they invited me to lunch. I went there yesterday. I was hoping there might be tables so I could sit down but at the moment, it's a take-away and delivery service only. But it's a great place to be in for that kind of thing, because of all of the offices nearby - the list of places they deliver to is growing.

Baked aubergine & button mushrooms
The staff were very friendly and answered all of my questions about the place. They've been open about a year, and the idea came off the back of the cookery school across the way. They are both owned by  Rosalind Rathouse.

I went for the barbeque chicken wing which was sweet and not dry and in a MASSIVE pile. I also had a salad selection in a little tub about the size of two hummus pots. It's way more filling than it looks, be warned!

Today on the menu (and mixed into my assortment) were beetroot (a little firmer than I'm used to in a salad but surprisingly pleasant), winter tabbouleh with bulgar wheat and pomegranete (which is one of my favourite things in a salad because of the great contrast), roast root vegetable salad, baked aubergine and shallots, roasted butternut salad and chickpea salad. They were all rather nice together.

The only small criticism that I will make is that the generous helping of chick peas in the salad were a bit too salty. Otherwise, a really nice, healthy lunch (well, maybe apart from the passionfruit muffin I had) and the prices aren't too bad either.

Their fishcakes in a takeaway box
For a small salad, £4, and large, £6. And next time I go, I'm definitely going for the falafel and hummus on tabbouleh. Actually, I'm quite tempted by the celeriac soup on the menu today... Friendly, knowledgeable staff and a great location (tucked behind Oxford Circus on Little Portland Street). Plus, they can deliver your lunch if you're nearby. And they do breakfast!

Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-4.00pm
12 Little Portland Street W1W 8BJ
0207 580 4881

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