Thursday, 21 March 2013

Restaurants Doing Twitter Right

These are restaurants twitter accounts who do what I think twitter can be brilliant for: making customers remember you. 

Here is a list of accounts that I actually enjoy following and who have got the message from people who know how to do marketing: don't do the hard sell. They're witty, informative and there's a real person with opinions behind it. And not too much dull retweeting of praise or making their every tweet visible to all of their followers (not every reply is interesting!).

Mangal2. All of those 'witty' twitter accounts pale in comparison to this one. This one takes the piss out of itself regularly, and in a timeline of people and restaurant taking themselves far too seriously, a little irreverence is great.

The Gunmakers. The landlord tweets anecdotes of his customers (sometimes livetweeting peculiar customers and the frustrations of a landlord) and gives his strong opinions on everything, no holds barred. And he's funny, which helps.

The Dolphin. This isn't the real Twitter account for the Dolphin, but it's the one everyone follows, because it's absolutely ridiculous – follow for the utterly rude, inappropriate ramblings that comment on pop culture and very occasionally,  things that are relevant to pubs. If this was run by the dolphin, it would make me want to go there.

Hawksmoor. Interesting food and meat facts, witty observations and good interaction - they seem genuinely interested in seeing what customers have to say whilst maintaining a large following. They're just very likeable. If I see their avatar in my timeline, I look forward to reading a quality tweet.

Bob Bob Ricard. He gives a light-hearted impression of decadence and eccentricity, whilst being engaging and amusing. Never trying to sell his restaurant constantly, he gives us the occasional gorgeous insight into new dish ideas, but mainly his presence is a subtle reminder that Bob Bob Ricard is there - reliable, exotic and exciting, somehow managing to encapsulate the whole restaurant's USP in a Twitter feed.


  1. I've lost count of the number of restaurants I've unfollowed because they're filling up my twitter feed with their vanity retweets from @beckylolzybunz etc.

    1. Never retweet praise should be the main rule of twitter...

  2. I disagree. The Gunmakers guy is an utter jebend. He does not know the difference between humour and needing to take a long hard look at himself. I unfollowed a long time ago.



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