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Round-up of Soho lunches under £10- June 2013

Here's a round-up of a few really cheap lunches available in Soho right now, most under £10 with a few exceptions. Rules are: sit down place where you eat with a knife & fork or chopsticks (ie no stalls or sandwiches). Some will say this list is not interesting or full of stuff that's been there years. I say good because there is a reason places stay open for years.
London has never had so much great value eating options!

Dozo, 32 Old Compton St London W1D 4TP- Bento boxes in miso soup + other options £6.90
Great new Japanese place with loads of options with this lunch menu. Really tasty miso. Friendly service.

Prix Fixe, 39 Dean Street London W1D 4PU- 2 courses £10.90‎
This place is always busy. About the least fashionable place in town (my faves always are) but there is a charm about it, and the consistently full room underlines it. As the queues next door at Burger & Lobster begin to wane, I reckon this will still be busy.
Ricotta & Spinach ravioli a highlight.

Made in Italy, 14a Old Compton St  London W1D 4TH - 2 courses around £9
Tomato & mozzarella salad or asparagus & parmesan then a pretty darn good pizza for £9? Musn't grumble. Until pizza pilgrims open in Dean St this about the best for the price in Soho.

Forty Dean Street 40 Dean St London W1D 4PX - 2 courses £10.90‎
Decent basic Italian if you ask me, with all the bread and oil and bits and bobs you want. Bit stretched (lunch can take 1.5 hrs) but good value. The spaghetti meatballs is a big enough portion for two, easily.

Amico Bio, 43 New Oxford Street London WC1A 1BG - 3 courses £10
Not really Soho (not at all Soho actually) but dying to try this vegetarian Italian place in Holborn, and recently discovered it has a branch in Smithfield Market too.
Interesting fact: Italy has the highest percentage of vegetarians in the EU at 10%. (UK is 7%)

Bistro 1, 27 Frith Street | SohoLondon | W1D 5LE - 2 courses £8.50, 3 courses £9.90‎
Not been for a while but presuming they still knock out the acceptable mediterranean offering they always have.

Amalfi, 29-31 Old Compton St  London W1D 5JR - lunch menu £8.95 (website not updated because they say £6.95)‎ Not been.

Stockpot, 18 Old Compton Street London W1D 4JL - 2 different menus 2 courses £6.70, 2 courses £6.80
The cheapest 2 courses in Soho. The tiniest tables in Soho (second only to the little marble ones in Buen Gusto) I love the 10p difference in price between the menus. Some say 'bloody awful' but I say you know what you're going to get, and sometimes it's exactly what you want. Try beating this on a freezing February Tuesday with a raging hangover when all you want is bland stodge.
Leek & potato soup is as tasty as I've had anywhere else anyway.

Duck Soup, 41 Dean St  London W1D 4PY lunch special 1 course +wine £12
Stylish and interesting, still hip. `

Mele e Pere, 46 Brewer St London W1F 9TF  - 'Express lunch- All courses £8.50'
Can't vouch for lunch but been for dinner twice and loved it.

@SIAM, 48 Frith St London W1D 4SF ‎-  2 courses £8.95. I went, it was fine.

Cookhouse Joe 55 Berwick Street London W1F 8SJ £5-6
 Not been yet... reports please??
Picture from @wilkes888


  1. Ah, Stockpot. Like a grumpy grandparent you can't help but love. Especially when the weather's bad.

  2. Really helpful post!! I have been to Amalfi a few times and I was really impressed, good value for money and great Italian food. If you go - the salmon on a bed of lentils is my favourite! It's delicious.

    This place is cool too -
    Check out my post.




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