Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Food Crimes in Restaurants

These are some of the worst things restaurants can do to food!
  • Putting too much chilli sauce on EVERYTHING (ok, I may have been to Nando’s recently but it doesn’t make it ok!)!
  • Over-doing meat. You can’t un-cook it if it's over done.
  • Too much booze in the sauce – the idea is to evaporate most of it off, no?
  • Massive portions of pasta – I will never finish it but I will feel immense guilt at not finishing the portion!
  • Advertising meat in the dish and not really putting enough in. Like, about two bits. Small. 
  • Over-seasoning – I can’t take that bucket of salt out now you’ve dumped all over it. Just a reasonable amount cheers.
  • Food at varying temperatures. You get PAID to cook food and my mushrooms are cold and I can’t eat anything else because it’s all too hot.
  • Making assumptions – if there are several different variations of an ingredient, make sure it’s clear how it is going to be cooked. Expensive for you and irritating to me because I will send it back.
  • False advertising - Come on now, it doesn't look anything like that in the picture.

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