Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Luxury Food and Drink Facts

When you're sitting at the dinner table, there's always a know-all with loads of facts about what you're eating. Here are some of my facts about the most expensive foods and drinks in the world.

Sturgeon (which produce caviar), prawns and lobster are all bottom feeders – an appetising thought. That is, they feed off the debris at the bottom of the ocean. 

It's not moway!
Moët in 'Moët & Chandon is pronounced 'mow-ette', not 'mow-ay', as is widely believed (because of the dieresis over the 'e'. Most people don't know this, including the band Queen, as demonstrated in the song 'Killer Queen'. I got laughed at by a sommelier for my mispronunciation.

Kobe beef? Not if you're outside Japan, it's not?
Kobe beef is not allowed out of Japan because is under strict government regulations as it is so rare, so if you’re eating Kobe beef in the UK, well, it’s not actually Kobe but a fake. Waygu beef is available from several different destinations and is not illegal to export.

Know your grapes?
Black grapes can make white wine. the juice in most black grapes is actually clear - so don't assume that your white wine is always made from green grapes.

Saffron on the world's rich list...Saffron is the 16th most expensive substance in the world, only just behind gold. It is available in very small quantities and is usually a striking yellowy-red colour.

With oysters, size does matter, sorry guys
Pearls from edible oysters have no or little value - in pearls, size is everything and the bigger it is, the more valuable it is, and edible oysters produce very small pearls.

Italians prefer dogs when it comes to truffle hunting
You may know that in France, pigs are used to sniff out truffles. In Italy, and now more frequently some parts of France, dogs are used as they have a stronger sense of smell and don't try to eat the truffles, like pigs do.

Caught a sturgeon? Call the Palace!
If you catch a sturgeon in British waters, by law you have to contact Buckingham Palace and ask for permission from the queen to use it as you wish - sturgeon can be sold for thousands of pounds.

Oysters used to be fast food - one of the most cheapest and readily available foods to the working classes. That is, until they were over-fished and are now considered a delicacy.

High pressure!
The pressure in a bottle of champagne is 90 pounds per square inch, about three times that in an automobile tyre.

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