Monday, 12 March 2012

Good Value Michelin Starred Lunches in London

Arbutus are in the news for having illegal immigrants working in the kitchen and as I was writing this anyway, it’s just gone up up a bit more quickly.

I’m on the quest to find the best value Michelin starred lunches in London because I think it’s not that widely known that you can get a great Michelin starred experience without having to take out a small mortgage.
Prior to me going to lunch, I did a little investigating on the websites and emailed around. To be honest, nearly half of the people that I emailed asking for more information did not reply to my email. If they're doing badly, I'm not surprised. Others were a bit helpful and linked me to their lunch menu. But that doesn't constitute more information.

People want to know about free bread and amuse bouches. They are small extras which can make a big impact on a meal, especially if they are included on the set menu. Though at this level, you would not expect to pay for bread.

Anyway, without further ado, here is my research into good value Michelin starred lunches in London. Bread is a given, but these are the added extras that you will get if you go to lunch. The price doesn't include wine.

Kitchen W8 – £19.50. No extras but you do get petits fours with your coffee (though that’s standard at this level too). Great price and good service and good food.

Arbutus - £19.95. Not the best-looking menu in the world and there is marginally less choice on the menu but for that money, it’s got to be worth a shot. They are in the news because they had illegal immigrants working for them who got arrested. That’s possibly how they got the menu to be so cheap (one of the cheapest in London).

Wild Honey - £21.95. They weren’t really that obliging but told me that there was free bread. Before redirecting me to the menu.

Gauthier Soho – £25. Amuse bouche, bread, filtered sparkling/still water. One of my favourites, and around the middle price mark for good value lunches.

Club Gascon - £25. You can also get 2 courses and a tea or coffee but for maximum value, get 3 courses.

Pollen St. Social – £25.50. My friend emailed them for information when she was considering going there for dinner and didn’t hear back, which she wasn’t very impressed with.

Pied a Terre – £33.50. Amuse Bouche. On their website, they claim that they have the best value Michelin starred lunch menu in London.

Hibiscus – £34.95. Canapés, amuse bouche, bread. This has two stars. It’s the only one with two stars.

Galvin at Windows - £29. Glass of champagne and coffee with petits fours. Views are free! Thanks @BonsVoeux1 for that and the next one.

Chez Bruce - £21.50. Available Mon-Fri when booked with TopTable.


  1. A full run down is available on this handy little infographic:

    1. I wrote this before that appeared but it is very handy, thanks.



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