Monday, 9 July 2012

My top 10 Restaurants of the Moment

I'm getting a lot of stick for being too negative on here, so after the 5th request of 'what DO you like, then?' in as many minutes last week, I decided to compile a list of things that I thought were good about food in London. 

1. Dabbous. Yes, it's hyped. But it's deserving. And I got a table, so of course I'm smug. The service was just a little bit special because it was formal and informal at the same time, the food was good and it was very reasonable for what it was. (See review here)

2. Cay Tre. Great value Vietnamese food, great service and great summer rolls, with a great selection on the menu. Really lovely place. It's nice to have somewhere to be able to go to that you can always depend on.

Cay Tre, image from website

3. Soho Food Feast. At the beginning of May, I went expecting it to be expensive and overridden with massive queues, but it was both the cheapest and best food festival I'd ever been to, with delicious tasters at £2 a pop for the most part, and it was tiny, too. Obviously it's only a one-time thing but I would go every year now.

5. STK (the idea of it, anyway, I haven't been). Before you get on your high horses, I don't advocate the bit about small bits of meat (snigger) being marketed at women being on diets, but having steak grouped by size and having other interesting food on the menu (I'm looking at some other steak restaurants which are primarily STEAK and other options are well, shit and half-arsed).

6. Richmonds Café. It's not anything lavish, complicated or fancy but it does simple sandwiches that are  always good - and it's got cockney rhyming slang on the wall. And they don't ask you if you want milk in your tea.
3 Bateman Street, Soho, London W1D 4AG

7. Tayyabs. Went for the first time a couple of months ago and it was delicious, inexpensive and they provide you with takeaway containers, no questions asked. And it's BYOB which makes it even cheaper.

Tayyabs, image from website
8. Costa Dorada. The only place where you can walk in at midnight and go and see a flamenco show. Brilliant fun. Basic but perfectly acceptable Spanish fare, it's worth it for the atmosphere alone.

9. Cafe Boheme. It's simple, straightforward and unpretentious, as well as good value. It would really benefit from having a set lunch though (take note, Soho House!). Lovely food and the perfect place for going last minute. And I've never had to queue or wait there.

10. Bob Bob Ricard. At the opposite end of the spectrum to Cafe Boheme, it is lavish, expensive and delicious, with Russian influences and a 'Push for Champagne' button' - just for fun. Does a great steak tartare.

Bob Bob Ricard, image from website


  1. You got me curious on a couple of this places, will try the (well, if I ever can get a table at Dabbous before the age I loose my teeth...). Tayyabs is great and so is Cafe Boheme. But on Cay Tre I don't agree- used to be way better a few years ago, now prices have almost doubled and service has gone down massively even for the general Asian place standard (last time my waiter didn't know anything about half of the menu). Also, not a fan of the new look. I often end up eating at Keu (just in front, same management), same food but less expensive.

    1. Bar downstairs at Dabbous is no bookings and they have some of the same dishes as upstairs, I'd go for that. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to go to Keu, why are they so similar and close by?

  2. I am coming to London on summer holidays, and it will great to find such amazing food places to try. It is sometimes hard to find best food options in I new place. But now I can decide where to go after reading the article. Thanks for sharing.



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